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Kills 99.9% of germs on the skin!

An antiseptic, cleanser and freshener all in one handy little bottle. Isocol is made up of 62% isopropyl and kills germs on the skin, evaporates quickly and leaves your skin feeling fresh and fragrant. 




So Many Uses


Handy Size

One bottle, so many uses!


As an antiseptic, Isocol hand sanitizer kills germs on the skin. 

Here are just a few of the ways you can use Isocol. 

Filling up on gas?

Don't forget to spray your hands after filling up your vehicle with gas. You can Isocol the gas pump too!

Grocery shopping?

Let's not think about how many people have used the same grocery cart you are about to use. Simply spray it with Isocol and you are good to go!

At the office?

To help avoid cross contamination, Isocol's touchless hand dispenser is perfect for everyone at the office.


Did you know?

To remove the print marks on your glasses, give it a spritz with Isocol. 

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Enjoying the outdoors?

Playing golf? Working out? At the tennis court? Don't forget to spray your hands with Isocol. 

Let's connect

From your home to the office and all around the world, we want to see how you are using Isocol! Remember to use the #Isocol or tag us: @isocolcanusa

Bring ISOCOL on every walk with the baby
Nothing like a beautiful view of the lak
🐊 ISOCOL keeping your hands fresh & cle
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